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  • Image Description EStops and More

    E-Stops and More

    Pizzato Elettrica has expanded its range of control and signalling devices EROUND line introducing the new boxes with 1 hole.

  • Image Description Solicon Connectors

    Solicon Connectors

    CRYDOM SOLICON contactors are the most innovative compact DIN Rail Mounted, IEC standard based contactors in the market and combine all of the advantages of a solid state design with the functionality and simplicity of use of an electromechanical contactor.

  • Image Description Lion Precision Label Sensor

    Lion Precision Label Sensor

    The Lion Precision LRD3120 brings LRD2100 capacitive technology into very small spaces. The LRD3120 is a clear label sensor with a remote head. It has stringent mounting requirements for reliable operation.

  • Image Description Pizzato NG Series

    Pizzato NG Series

    This new and innovative series brings safety to a new level: Pizzato Elettrica presented to SPS IPC Drives Italia 2014 its new RFID safety switches with lock: NG series.

  • Image Description Wago Remote Vision

    Wago Remote Vision

    A convenient mobile application from WAGO Corporation enables quick and easy access to equipment status, process data and production levels at the swipe of a finger.

  • Image Description Wago Overvoltage Protection

    Wago Overvoltage Protection

    Building an elegant, and efficient system requires protection from the world around us. Transients come at your components from every direction.

  • Image Description Leuze’s Double Sheet Detection

    Leuze’s Double Sheet Detection

    Expensive purchase price, minimal tolerances and complicated mounting structures are things of the past.

  • Image Description Leuze PRK 18B

    Leuze PRK 18B

    When it comes to the reliable detection of partially and highly transparent objects, sensors need to show what they are really capable of.

  • Image Description PizzatoLumionousDIsc


    The Pizzato Ø60mm luminous disc, (which is positioned between the device and the fixing panel in the same way as the current VE TF plates with shaped hole),