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US Automation Controls LLC (USAC) is a small business enterprise located in Springfield, NJ, USA. We are an American enterprise and carry with it an entrepreneurial team spirit. Although we deal in mechanization and technology products we never lose sight of the human aspect of all business. We value our customers and place service at the top of our priority list.

USAC was originally established as a corporation in 1972, as Control Components Supply Corporation (CCS). CCS was set up as a distributorship primarily for the AGASTAT product line of durable, modular timing relays. William J. Fraind, Sr., who was one of the original design engineers for these relays, was CCS’s founder. In December of 2001 Control Components Supply was reconfigured as an LLC. It had been operating as such until January of 2014 when it was reformed as US Automation Controls LLC. The recent re-branding was done to address the new global marketplace and USAC's place in it.

We, at USAC, understand the art of manufacturing that goes into the production of the Agastat 7000 series. After all, we were under the tutelage of the man who oversaw the manufacturing of this device. We have years of experience. USAC assures the accuracy, contact continuity, and reliability of each unit that leaves our Springfield, NJ location. You can purchase the 7000 series with confidence from US Automation Controls.

USAC is growing and has broadened its offerings with products from various related manufacturers. They include Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Co. of America, Wago Corporation, Leuze Electronic, Pizzato Elettrica, Lion Precision, Crydom/Crouze't. We can supply these items in a timely fashion at competitive rates and ship to any location on the globe. See our product line card, here.

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